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Metaphysical products are the most welcome products of the month of September. With a wide range of products, choose amongst them.
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BIQ are the home to an excellent source of rocks and mineral specimens. We source directly from the mines and also have an established network of suppliers, so you can completely forget of your sourcing worries while trading with us !!! We choose our minerals carefully to include the most aesthetic and unique mineral specimen so that our customers are sure to have a mineral to be proud of !!!
In zeolites we deal in apophyllite, okenite, stilbite, heulandite, prehenite, cavansite, mesolite, scolecite, natrolite, calcite, pentagonite,gyrolite,white apophyllite points and tips, minerals in vugs and geodes etc.

We supply : Blue/Pink/Green Aventurines, Pink-green Moss Agate, Grey banded Agate, Tree Agate,Camelagate, Zebra color Agate, Black Agate and White Agate, Rough Ruby Corundum, Star Ruby, Ruby Zoisite, Iolites, Garnets, Mix colors Moonstones,Rainbow Moonstones (labradorite) White Crystal Quartz, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Sunstones, Black Tourmalines, Bloodstones, Fancy Jasper, Red Jasper with Yellow Bands, Green Moss Agate.


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