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Metaphysical products are the most welcome products of the month of September. With a wide range of products, choose amongst them.
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Wand is a stick carved from one of the traditional sacred woods or made from one or more magical gemstones or sacred – energy conducting metal. Combining silver, gold, copper with crystals in a wand design, increases the energies of the crystal manifold.
Wand is used to direct the user's Will or Intention. It represents Air or Fire, according to various traditions. It is used to focus power, magic, and energy, direction, drawing symbols, stir brews and such in the cauldron, and for invocation. Some use it instead of an athame to draw a circle.

Our range of Healing wands are as below:

Gemstone wands.
Metal wands – Copper, Sterling silver, Gold plated.
7 Chakra Wands.
Wooden Wands.
Massage Wands.
Resin Wands.


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