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Merkabah Stars

Merkabah . . . also spelled Merkaba . . . is the divine light vehicle used by the Masters to connect with and reach those in tune with the higher realms. Mer-Ka-Ba is a term from the Egyptian Mystery School

"Mer" means Light. "Ka" means Spirit. "Ba" means Body.

Mer-Ka-Ba means the Spirit / Body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of Light, (wheels within wheels), spirals of energy as in DNA, which transports Spirit / Body from one dimension to another.  It is found in many languages including African Zulu, Egyptian and Hebrew.

This crystal is comprised of 2 Star Tetrahedrons merged together representing the energies of both male and female, another power action that balances yin and yang so the truth can be absorbed by our conscious being.

They are very powerful Vehicles used during meditation and visualizations to bring your physical self in to harmony with the memory of the soul self and the memory of the creator of all that is. Mer-Ka-Ba is a counter rotating field of light that affects spirit and body simultaneously. It is a vehicle that can take spirit and body (or one's interpretation of reality) from one world or dimension into another. It can also create reality as well as move through realities. It is an inter-dimensional vehicle that can aid humanity to return to their original higher states of consciousness.  

You can buy merkabah stars in the following stones:

1)   Crystal merkabah

2)   Rose quartz merkabah

3)   Amethyst merkabah stars

4)   Green Aventurine Merkabah

5)   Blue Sodalite merkabahs

6)   Pink Aventurine

7)   Moss agate

8)   Black agate

9)   Yellow Jasper

10) Tree agate

11) Golden aventurine

12) Bloodstone

13) Banded agate

14) Grey agate

15) Red jasper

16) Fancy agate

17) Lapis Lazuli

18) Sunstone

19) Carnelian

20) Blue Goldstone

21) Brown Goldstone

22) Rainbow Moonstone

23) Fluorite

24) Labradorite

25) Smokey Quartz

26) Rhodolite

27) Green Moonstone

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