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Metaphysical products are the most welcome products of the month of September. With a wide range of products, choose amongst them.
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The Mer-Ka-Ba is the vehicle of Light The word is derived from the Hebrew language "Mer" means Light. "Ka" means Spirit. "Ba" means Body.

Mer-Ka-Ba means the Spirit / Body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of Light, (wheels within wheels), spirals of energy as in DNA, which transports Spirit / Body from one dimension to another.

Our mer-ka-bah stars are handcrafted polished and cut to perfection by master craftsmen to bring out the most powerful results – as we understand the importance of perfection especially in context of merkabah stars.

Stones Available : Crystal Quartz, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Smokey quartz, Golden quartz, Bloodstone, Moss agate, Sardonyx, Moonstone, Vesvonite, , Flourite, Sodalite, Carnelian, Lapiz luzili, Black tourmaline, labradorite, Red Jasper, Fancy agate, Fossil Jasper, Snowflake Obsidian, Emerald Fuschite, Ruby Zoisite, Ruby Kynite, Beryl, Dark Green aventurine, Golden quartz, sunstone, Vesinite, etc.

We also export merkabah pendants , Merkabah pendulums, Merkabah wands.



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