Metaphysical products are the most welcome products of the month of September. With a wide range of products, choose amongst them.
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Welcome to BIQ – Best In Quality, India. We are leading exporters of crystals, new age products, rough and polished gemstones and mineral specimens.

Gemstone : We supply the most extensive range of new age products like Gemstone Pendulums, Metal Pendulums, Tumbled gemstones, Shiva Lingams, Spheres , Runes, Merkabah Stars, Gemstone Bowls, Spheres and Eggs, Worry Stones ,Healing wands, Seven chakra wands, metal wands, rosewood wands, Astrology Gemstones, Pyramids, Obelisks, Beaded Necklaces, Beaded Pendulums, Arrowheads, Agates, chakra jewelry ,Gemstone Trees, prayer beads, Power beads, cabochons, gemstone bracelets, Gemstone pendants, etc. We also supply range of handicrafts like animal carvings, gemstone carvings, gemstone trees, dorje etc. All our products are made using the best quality raw material and superior craftsmanship.

Zeolites / Minerals : We are the Dealers of Indian mineral specimens of Zeolites and rough gemstones. Our company has an extensive network spread all across India – ensuring we source the most aesthetic mineral specimens for you. In Zeolites we deal in apophyllite, okenite, stilbite, heulandite, prehenite, cavansite, mesolite, scolecite, natrolite, calcite, pentagonite, minerals in vugs and geodes etc.
Resins : We supply the best quality and exclusive range of Resins. We are the dealers of Resins and our company provides you with the most aesthetic resins.

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